The workshop provides services for the repair and maintenance of industrial electronic devices.

A short list of repaired equipment:

Many years of experience in the repair of production equipment. Extensive knowledge base for the methods of repair and diagnostics of devices.

Many suppliers of components for repair and consumables.

Only personnel specialists with profile education and perennial experience take part in the work. The device for the performance of the device is from 6 & nbsp; up to 36 months. All types of payment are available, delaying payment services up to 30 calendar days.

ELECTRON-SERVICE.PRO - this is a guarantee of the quality of the services provided!


  • Electric loader and electromanitors control units.
  • Blocks, composite modules of automatic assembly lines.
  • Defectoscopes portable.
  • Diagnostic controllers and stands.
  • Drivers & NBSP; and servo controllers, servo amplifiers.
  • Pulse power sources.
  • CNC machine operator panels.
  • Frequency converters.
  • Programmers and user terminals.
  • Industrial logic controllers.
  • Industrial computers.
  • Industrial information processing terminals.
  • Industrial LCD information panels.
  • Robotic installation control panels.
  • Servo drives, encoders, decoders.
  • Communication devices, data collection and exchange in industrial networks, Profibus, CAN BUS, MODBUS, SCADA, PROFINET controllers, ProFibus, CAN BUS.

Public offer for the provision of services


Vacancy 1


  • Reception and processing of orders from customers.
  • Interaction with materials suppliers.
  • Registration of documents for accepting and issuing equipment.
  • Monitoring tenderpox.
  • Work with Excel. Interaction with related company divisions.
  • Readiness to work in multitasking mode.


  • Middle PC Ownership

Vacancy 2


  • Diagnosis and repair of industrial electronics blocks.
  • Rare trips to objects to assess the ability to repair or launch repaired equipment.
  • The presence of your own car is welcome (provision of fuel)