Machine control panels

Machine control panels

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The control panel is an integrated computer (CNC) of a machine or production line. The panel consists of: a display module, controls, its own power supply, a microprocessor unit.
Control panels are quite fault-tolerant devices, since they do not contain energetically loaded nodes, but nevertheless breakdowns happen:
1) Failure of the microprocessor unit
2) Failure of the power supply
3) Failure of controls or button panels
4) Failure of the display module

Engineers of the ELECTRON-SERVICE company.PRO perform professional repair of control panels.  We carry out accurate diagnostics and repairs at the component level in a workshop environment.
During the repair process, the parameters of the control panel do not change unless absolutely necessary and without prior agreement with the customer.

Our workshop is equipped with modern equipment and a spare parts warehouse for new and outdated models.
Entrust the repair of the control panel to practicing professionals, and we will make every effort to save your time and money.
      Repair process:
1) Acceptance of equipment for repair
2) Device diagnostics
3) Coordination of the cost and terms of repair with the customer
4) Equipment repair
5) Device testing
6) Delivery of finished equipment