Repair of flaw detectors

Repair of flaw detectors

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Repair of flaw detectors

Quality control of production and construction should be carried out at every stage.

Sometimes it is necessary to check the operation of an object already during operation. A device that helps to carry out this kind of examination by a non-destructive method is called a flaw detector. There are a huge variety of types of flaw detectors. They differ in the principle of operation and purpose.

Engineers of the ELECTRON-SERVICE company.PRO will perform professional repair of the flaw detector. We carry out accurate diagnostics and repairs at the component level in a workshop environment. Our workshop is equipped with all the necessary equipment for the repair of such equipment.

During the repair process, the parameters and data of the flaw detector do not change unless absolutely necessary and without prior agreement with the customer.


Entrust the repair of the flaw detector to engineers ELECTRON-SERVICE.PRO .

We save you time and money.

Repair process:

Acceptance of equipment for repair

Device diagnostics

Coordination of the cost and terms of repair with the customer

Equipment repair

Testing the device

Delivery of finished equipment