Repair of servo controllers

Repair of servo controllers

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Repair of servo controllers
This type of equipment is designed to control servomotors. This solution is only used in conjunction with encoders. Unlike the classic frequency converter, the servo controller is able to control several motors simultaneously.
Frequency converters together with servomotors, regardless of the type, are devices characterized by high accuracy. They meet the criteria for precision type drives used in tool machines equipped with automation, machining centers.
The servo controller has a power part for controlling several electric motors and a logic control unit. A number of reasons lead to the failure of the power unit and the logic block, the most common of them are:
1) Overheating of IGBT modules
2) Incorrect switching of digital inputs
3) Engine failure
4) Blocking of the engine or adjacent mechanisms
5) Damage to the power cable
6) Violation of operating conditions
7) Sudden power supply voltage drops

Professional repair of servo controllers includes a lot of subtleties. We carry out accurate diagnostics and repairs at the component level in a workshop environment..

Our workshop is equipped with modern equipment and a spare parts warehouse for new and outdated models. Company engineers ELECTRON-SERVICE.PRO they analyze all errors stored in the frequency receiver's memory, check the problem areas of the power module and logic block, and carry out comprehensive prevention of the device. The parameters of the frequency converter during the repair process do not change unless absolutely necessary and without prior agreement with the customer.
Entrust the repair of servo controllers to practicing professionals, and we will make every effort to prevent accidents in the future!
      Repair process:
1) Acceptance of equipment for repair
2) Device diagnostics
3) Coordination of the cost and terms of repair with the customer
4) Equipment repair
5) Device testing
6) Delivery of finished equipment